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  1. Aug 03,  · Warsaw Cardinal Decries ‘Desecration’ of Christ Statue with Rainbow Flag On the night of July , activists dressed in black attached a rainbow flag to the statue’s arm and a scarf with an.
  2. Definition of desecration in the dictionary. Meaning of desecration. What does desecration mean? Information and translations of desecration in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
  3. What is the definition of desecration? What is the meaning of desecration? How do you use desecration in a sentence? What are synonyms for desecration?
  4. desecration definition: a desecrating or being desecrated Charges were brought against the cast for obscenity and desecration of the US flag - a case that was ultimately decided in favor of the musical by the US Supreme Court. "In B.C. they attained their end, the regent of Syria conceded the measure of toleration they required with the approval of Rome; and in B.C. the temple was.
  5. Apr 01,  · Desecration, the best-selling novel in the world the year it was released, is #9 in the phenomenal New York Times best-selling Left Behind series that rocked the publishing world and made millions think seriously about the future and their places in it. With special features relating to current events and end-times prophecy/5().
  6. Desecration is the loss of that peculiar quality of sacredness, which inheres in places and things in virtue of the constitutive blessing of the Church. When material objects are destined for purposes of Divine worship they are set aside with a view to this end by the solemn form of.
  7. verb (used with object), des·e·crat·ed, des·e·crat·ing. to divest of sacred or hallowed character or office. to divert from a sacred to a profane use or purpose. to treat with sacrilege; profane.
  8. Aug 07,  · A Code Red Release - One of the most original horror films in recent years, Desecration is an eerily dazzling and genuinely frightening psychological chiller about a beyond the grave relationship between a teenage boy and his long dead mother/5(46).
  9. Desecration is a talent in the Unholy Tree, you will need to spend 7 points in Unholy to max it 25%.

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