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Impulse That Consumes Polarity - Human Vault - Existence Means Nothing (CDr, Album)

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  1. That the physical mind obeys the spirit mind means that the life of values is primary and material life is secondary. This means that the life of truth, goodness, beauty, and love is tire purpose (goal), and the life of food, clothing, shelter, and sex is the means to that goal. This is the way human beings, originally, should have lived.
  2. Human nature is a potentiality – something that emerges. Humans are created with certain capacities for growth toward maturity. The capacity for spiritual maturing cannot develop in an abstract situation. It needs to be in contact with and have experience of good and evil, if truly informed decisions are to be made. McGrath discusses fate and doubt in the context of the problem of suffering.
  3. Charles Darwin: the Judeo-Christian view of human nature is false. Sigmund Freud Human beings are essentially brute animals – aggressive, selfish, cruel, predatory, etc., and no amount of civilization can extirpate the beast in them. (c.f. Civilization & Its Discontents).They are not driven by love, but primarily by selfishness. Freud writes.
  4. ____ says there is no universal human nature, no rational human nature, no purpose for human nature. a. Aristotle b. Jean-Paul Sartre c. Plato d. Genevieve Lloyd ANS: B PTS: 1 What philosopher argued that humans are made up of dual substances, a material body and an immaterial mind? a. Aristotle b. Jean-Paul Sartre c. Rene Descartes d.
  5. realism: International System Unipolarity, bipolarity, multipolarity [which is most stable?] POLARITY: distribution of power in the international system most common is uni bipolarity is worse off? having two poles (centers/actors?) as when (i.e. cold war U.S. and Soviet) MULTI: i.e. multiple major powers mo poles, mo problems misconstruing information because of a surplus less stable rational.
  6. Consciousness and Polarity as Natural Law Expression. Opposite qualities, capabilities, or potentials appear to be diametric polar counterparts but may actually exist in relationship to each other along a spectrum, continuum, or scale in varying degrees of similarity or distinction.
  7. Try this amazing - Molecular Polarity Quiz quiz which has been attempted times by avid quiz takers. Also explore over 1 similar quizzes in this category.

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